Prostitution in India

The following report details adult travel in India.  It includes information about prostitutes in Mumbai, Mangolore, Hyderabad and many other places. .  This report was originally submitted to World Sex Archives.   If you would like to see all the pictures included with the report, please visit World Sex Archives.

I had sex experiences in Mumbai, Mangolore, Hyderabad and many other places.

I allways look for young auto driver or riksha puller to gather information about best places in the area for sex and the police raids. Mostly they will give you right info and take you to these places. Even though it would be hard to ask them about such things, they will be happy to take you to these brothels since they will be getting commision from brothel people for getting customer.
In most of the big cities like Madras, Hyederabad, Bangolore .. quality call girls work by mobile phones, pagers. Best way to find them is again call Ur hotel room boy/auto guys and enquire about any local pimps. Once you catch hold of one hi-tech pimp and have sex with his/her girl, you will be able to get his pimp network cell phone numbers.

Usually most of the good lodges(motels) do not mind if you book one more room for her, this will also protect you from the danger of police. I visited a girl in her private apartment in the middle of family apartments. Auto guys know about her and took me there. Pimp is acting like he is her husband.
He has more than hundred cell phone numbers in Madras and Hyderabad alone who supply these girls. He told me most of the TV actress and side heroins in Telugu movies are available from Rs5,000 to Rs50,0000/- a night.

worldsexguide There are many quality traditional sex workers arround india like Peddapuram near rajamandri in Andhrapradesh. Its a small town, there are 20 odd whore houses. Tipically they will have a white dog, a man and old women one or two girls.

Price is Rs5000/- for a night. Queen size bed with cents and a mirror. Girls are very beautiful mostly 18-27 yrs. They will do Blow job, and all kinds of angles with condome, no anal. Places like these are very popular among rich Indian men since they offer very personal and quality service.   To see photos visit


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